"To Be Free" Original Painting by Debi Coules
"To Be Free" Original Painting by Debi Coules
"To Be Free" Original Painting by Debi Coules

"To Be Free" Original Painting by Debi Coules

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I believe in angels. I really do. I have always felt a guiding influence in my life: a quiet and gentle companionship offering protection, sparks of inspiration, and moments of inexplicable comfort. What could it be other than a touch of the divine? We all need angels in our lives.

I didn’t intend to paint this angel. After overcoming a particularly difficult challenge, I was left feeling…free. And as I sat down and picked up my paintbrush, all at once this visual of an unburdened angel at peace came to my mind, and I began to put the inspiration into acrylic. I had painted angels before, but with a simplistic line approach that translates into a rustic, earthy style. What came from this painting session was something much more refined and realistic. There was no model or muse, she just came to me. The light, muted colors, the roses, the wings, and the look of complete freedom and serenity. “To Be Free” is a painting that portrays what I felt in my soul.

I also didn’t intend to make a series. But I was so awestruck but what appeared on my canvas, and I knew there was more. And so what began as a single painting became a series of three…and then four. Four exquisite winged angels, bathed in light, and adorned with roses. Each one portraying freedom and serenity.

"To Be Free" is an original fine art acrylic painting on stretched canvas
Measures: 20" x 16"

As with all Debi Coules original paintings, a Certificate of Authenticity is included

This Angel Fine Art Series Includes:
"To Be Free", "To Love", "Heaven’s Angel", "Prayer for Peace"

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