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Artwork by Debi Coules

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Original Artwork

Paintings by Debi Coules

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Wood Prints

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Commissioned Artwork

I am always so flattered when someone makes a special request. They have experienced something beautiful - a child, a stroll in Italy, a walk on the beach - and they entrust me to recreate that feeling in acrylic. It is an opportunity to paint what is in another person's heart, rather than my own. Each individual piece created becomes a true original that will grace homes for generations to come.

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Made to Order

Similar to commissioned artwork, Made to Order items are home décor art that is crafted individually by request. You receive a completely unique, one-of-kind art piece tailored to your heart’s desire.

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In addition to the hand-painted artwork produced in-studio,
I also offers an array of print products through my partnerships.
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