For the Love of Tutus

Ballerina artwork original tutu painting in pinkI’ve been in love with the ballet my whole life. It started as a young child when my parents enrolled me in ballet lessons – little did they know that I had no talent in that department!

white tutu painting original artwork tutu paintings original art

Even though I never became a ballerina, my passion for the craft became deeply embedded. As a little girl, my dad took me to Lincoln Center where I saw my first rendition of Swan Lake and I was hooked. I adored the ethereal, graceful movements of the ballerina, making it look so effortless with the music being so evoking. I rushed home and started painting tutus when I was three years old!

pink tutu ballerina artwork

I’ve always adored the elegance of Degas dancers and as an artist, making tutus part of my collection reaffirmed my passion for the ballet. There’s something so whimsical and romantic about ballerinas and I feel it cannot happen without the flowing beauty of their tutus.

tutu artwork for ballerina children's room

Adding roses to them has created an even more romantic quality to my paintings. If you love classical ballet as much as I do, am sure you will find my tutu paintings one of a kind.