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I describe select collects of my artwork as “Shabby French Cottage Chic', drawing inspiration from 19th-century French impressionism. I’m infatuated with French Cottage Decor because I love being caught up in the romance of it all: the soft colors, the antique feeling, the wonderful costume and florals enthrall me. The liberal use of fleur-de-lis and rose garlands with elegant French costumes made it an era full of artistic candy for the eye. There is such a sense of beauty with the occasional bit of excess. I feel that balance made 19th-century France the leaders in decorative art: a simple box could be turned into an opulent treasure.



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Exactly as the title implies, this magazine began as a simple diary of Daphne’s daily experiences in the Netherlands. As she captured ideas and inspiration, Daphne began to wondered if perhaps she could transform her personal journaling into a beautiful publication. I was delighted that Daphne discovered my artwork and felt it was a perfect feature in her magazine Daphne’s Diary.

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Daphne's Diary Article on Debi Coules French Cottage Artwork

Maybe it's because the roses are blooming in my own garden at the moment, but when I saw a Pinterest board full of beautiful pale pink flowers, I immediately wanted to find out more about their creator. Debi Coules lives in Melbourne, Florida. She loves roses as well as 19th century French romance.

Debi Coules describes her romantic style as 'shabby French cottage chic'. Her work makes you think of 19th-century French impressionism. This art movement really inspired Debi. Her French female figures are painted on canvas, always in soft pastels. You can recognize Debi's love of the old France in the writing she includes in her art too.

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View Available French Cottage & Shabby Chic Hand-painted Decor by Debi Coules

Hand-painted Artist Decor by Debi Coules


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