Painting Commissioned Artwork

I am always so flattered when someone makes a special request. They have experienced something beautiful - a child, a stroll in Italy, a walk on the beach - and they entrust me to recreate that feeling in acrylic.

French Cobblestone Streets
When painting a commission, I have to work very closely with my client: choosing colors, talk about their home decor, and discovering the feelings they want their art piece to portray. It is completely different experience than painting what’s in my heart...I have to find what’s in theirs. Sometimes I’m sent a photograph of a pet, family member or a place of their travels to create a masterpiece on canvas. Other times am asked to paint something that would match the decor of their home and I’m given a theme or a starting point to allow my muse to flow freely.

Not all of my commission pieces are on museum-quality canvas. Sometimes I find myself embellishing a linen dining room set, hand-painting a set of silverware, or customizing serving platters. My artwork takes vintage items and distressed furniture and elevates them shabby chic.

Commission Dining Room Set

It’s thrilling to know my artwork evokes a feeling and my paintings create an emotion every time my clients look at my work. And when they’re hanging in someone’s home, it’s something that’s enjoyed every time anyone enters that room!

If you have an idea for a unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted masterpiece, please reach out to me! I'd love to hear your ideas, catch a glimpse of your vision, and help capture a memory or a moment with my paintbrush.

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