Ballet Art and Tutu Paintings - Where it All Began

Ballerina artwork original tutu painting in pink

Artistic inspiration can come at anytime from virtually any source. But sometimes it comes from within...from a memory or a dream that has been carried in the heart for a lifetime. My Ballet Paintings and Tutu Artwork grew from seeds of inspiration sown in my childhood.

Before my father was a shoe designer, he was a shoe salesman. A very good shoe salesman for the exclusive shoe salon of Joseph Antell - Boston.

Newbury Street - Boston
History Newbury Street in Boston - The location of fashion boutiques such as Joseph Antell in 1950s.

I would often visit my father at work…though secretly I was there just to experience the salon! The entire store had the most beautiful ballerina paintings. To me, it was like a fairy land; I slowly strolled from one painting to the next like it was my own personal art gallery. I would lean close, observing the seemingly random brushstrokes, but as I slowly stepped back, I watched those dabs of color create a window into the entrancing world of ballet.

Of course my parents signed me up for ballet lessons; but sadly, the grace and eloquence of a ballerina was not in my feet. But it was in my hands. And it could be transferred to a paintbrush.

A lifelong adoration of ballet coupled with growing up in a shoe salon surrounded by ballerina paintings of the masters, inspired me to create my own collection of tutu paintings and artwork. It was such a natural fit! Tutus are so whimsical and graceful; they were a perfect complement to my romantic artwork.

Though most of my ballet artwork focuses on the tutu, I will on rare occasion paint the ballerina herself. One of my more recent paintings "Ballet Dreamer" shows a rose-petal adorned ballerina bathed in pink light. I feel like not only a tribute to professional or even aspiring ballerinas, but to those of us that are merely the dreams as well.

Ballet Dreamer an original ballerina painting by Debi Coules

Painting can sometimes be difficult; it takes time to consider the subject and how to best portray the feeling behind it. But with "Ballet Dreamer" I feel like my inner-ballerina was ready to come out! I hope you enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed painting it.

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