A rustic vintage barn with shades of browns, greys and black. Printed on wood and framed in 1 1/2 inch barnwood. Hay covers the ground in front. Modern farmhouse wall decor and definitely impressionist style. Would work well in Shabby Chic home too
"The Barn" Barnwood Framed Wood Print
"The Barn" Barnwood Framed Wood Print

"The Barn" Barnwood Framed Wood Print

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Welcome to Rustic Farmhouse. This wonderful piece is created from Debi's original painting. With a process that is unique to our studio, Debi's art is giclee printed on wood, then framed with aged wood to give a warm and rustic look. This wonderful barn in soft muted neutral tones accented in black is certain to add a lovely touch of farmhouse style to your home decor. If you love animals and French farmhouse, I am sure you will start collecting all in this series. Comes ready to hang but may also be used self-standing as well.

Measuring approximately 18.5 x 14.5 x 1.5 and and comes signed.

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