"North Woods" Santa Framed Wood Print

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A cherished Christmas painting, "North Woods Santa" by Debi Coules features a traditional-style Santa Claus arriving Christmas morning through the snow. This Holiday Wood Print captures the vintage style of the original artwork and the natural wood grain creates a rustic Christmas feel.

Christmas is filled with meaningful family traditions that inspire joy and wonder. Every year when a child opens that dusty box of Christmas decorations, they reconnect with treasures from the past and experience the warm memories and excitement contained within. The "North Woods" Santa painting, with its vintage Christmas painting feel, is one such treasure; for you and your family, for generations to come!

Christmas canvas fine art prints are hand made in the USA right at Debi Coule's studio. Wood prints are Giclée printed archival-grade inks using a process that is unique to our studio. The end result is stunning! You can see every brushstroke, and the natural wood texture creates a rustic, framhouse Christmas feel.  Wood prints given a hand-rubbed finish, and are hand-framed in aged wood.  Comes ready to hang and is also self-standing. A beautiful piece displayed with your favorite Christmas pieces and certain to add a touch of romantic shabby chic to your holiday decor. Comes signed by Debi Coules.

Wood Prints are Giclée digital fine art prints made in-house using a technique unique to our studio

Printed with archival-grade inks

Due to natural variations in wood grain and texture, the finished piece is one-of-a kind and may differ slightly from the product photo

Each wood print is given a hand-rubbed finish and comes signed by Debi Coules