Vintage French fashion painting inspired by Marie Antoinette

"Lilliana" French Fashion Canvas Print

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French Fashion has been a life-long obsession. Even at the age of three, I was tucked away in a sunlit corner sketching ornate dresses on stick figures. But as my fascination and artistic ability grew, so did my knowledge of fashion history. I have been deeply influenced by the Rococo era, a period of extravagance in 18th Century France. Though the artists of the time, such as Francoise Boucher, have been exceptionally influential; what truly captivates me is the costuming!

“Lilliana”, named for my grandmother, is a study of 18th Century French Fashion more than a portrait. The gown was truly my focus in this painting. The details and frills are frosting to the delightful puffs of pink satin. Though uniquely mine, the gown design was inspired by the study of lithographic fashion plates preserved from the late 1700’s France.

Though the original paintings have long since sold, I am releasing canvas prints on my website for a limited time. I hope you “Lilliana” makes a bold statement among your romantic, vintage, French décor.

Canvas prints are made in the USA.

The blended poly-cotton Canvas is able to absorb and hold color as a cotton canvas would, but still delivers the sharp, vibrant finish of a polyester canvas. This allows your canvas print to withstand the test of time and still look like it did the first day you hung it on the wall.

The canvas is stretch on kiln dried North American Pine that is finger spliced. This process removes all of the moisture from the sturdy wood, preventing it from shrinking. Finger spliced wood allows the frame to keep its straight shape over time.

Giclée printed with industry-leading archival UltraChrome® Giclée inks to achieve the most vivid and high-definition prints possible.