Commissioned Art

I have to admit, one of the favorite aspects to my work is creating commission pieces. There’s something so thrilling when I bring to life a vision or an idea after an in-depth conversation with a client.  Often I'm asked to replicate a photograph of something truly special: from a beloved pet to a memory from a long-ago trip. My adaptations give me a tour of far off places and when I’m done, I can almost feel that I’ve been strolling along the Champs Elysees on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Not all of my commission pieces are completed on canvas. Someone may request embellishment on vintage heirloom or a piece of furniture. One customer sent a set of dining room chairs to add my artwork onto the white fabrics. It was very detailed, time consuming work, but the finished product was truly outstanding!

If you'd like to collaborate on a one-of-kind conversation piece in your home, please contact me!

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