Shabby Chic Angel With Rose Pink Wall Hanging Vintage Reproduction by Debi Coules

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"Angelic" is used to describe sublime beauty. An angelic voice, an angelic face, or even an act of pure, selfless kindness can be termed "angelic." 

For many years I have been asked...where did I get my beautiful angel holding a rose that has been seen as a prop in many of my photos.  I have absolutely loved my angel all these years and have her hanging in my studio. Well finally  my husband and I have collaborated on this hauntingly beautiful piece because we wanted to share it with you.

He created a mold from my original vintage angel, which I have to say was not an easy task, but being as talented as he is, he did a stellar job! He then cast it plaster and the result is absolutely gorgeous! Next, I  did my magic with a bit of painting, the undertone is my favorite pink, then brushed with white and I have to say it is just beautiful!!!

Perfect to add to your Shabby Chic, French Country, Vintage or any holiday décor however, she's  perfect to keep up all year long.

Sealed for lasting beauty, this piece comes signed by my husband and myself. 

It measures 17 inches tall by 5 inches wide.


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