MADE TO ORDER Angel Christmas Ornament by Debi Coules

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Angels are very special to me. As I paint, a new face emerges; almost as if by divine inspiration. Each Angel Christmas Ornament is one-of-a kind, hand-painted on wood. Accented with a Swarovski Crystal, gold-colored metal ribbon, and a shimmer of iridescent glitter and gold leaf. 

Measuring  6.25 ( to the top of the ribbon) by 4 inches wide.
Each precious ornament comes signed.

**As with all Made-to-Order items, each painting is unique and not an exact replica of the item pictured.

Hand-painted home decor comes from vintage items discovered from various sources. Therefore, each piece is unique and not a replica of the item pictured.

Prices listed are the base price, and may increase based on the value of the item selected or certain customization you request.

Once you've placed your order, I will contact you personally to show you the items currently available. Once the perfect item has been select, we'll discuss any other requests you have for the project. If a suitable item is not found, orders are refundable before painting has begun.